The Red Carpet treatment without the Red Carpet price tag

28/02/11 12:25 AM
Oscar bill not at Jefferson dry cleaners

Our service is the same but not our prices

Everyone knows that no matter what party you are having, you always want to dress up for the occasion.  The special occasion today, February 27th, is no exception. Just like any other party the preparations have to begin early on.A good party might begin with checking your list of things to do to make certain everything will be perfect. However when part of your party involves showing off in front of a grand audience of the media, as with the Oscars, you want to be certain that your outfit will be dry-cleaned  and treated by the best. That’s right! Every person in the in Kodak theater tonight has dropped off their clothes at the dry cleaners.

In 2008 People magazine ran a story that covered the cost associated with cleaning some of the fancy gowns worn by the stars. Here is a sample from the article:
$700 MARION COTILLARD  The star’s Gaultier Paris gown is a dry cleaner’s nightmare, says Barton (who has been cleaning red carpet gowns since 1962) of J.B. French Dry Cleaners. “A train like that would take three people to steam, and it has to be cleaned inside out or you’ll flatten the ruffle on the outside.”

$550 Penélope Cruz The feather detailing on Cruz’s Chanel Haute Couture gown makes it nearly impossible to clean, says Barton. “We’d have to hand steam each feather and shake it so it stands up. I wouldn’t clean her dress. I don’t think anyone would.”

$500 KERI RUSSELL  Despite the Nina Ricci gown’s relatively simple cut, the silk taffeta material must be cleaned carefully. “Too much steam can leave a blotch,” says Barton.

$375 KATHERINE HEIGL The chiffon on Heigl’s Escada gown is easier to clean than silk taffeta. “If you screw up, you can’t see it as easily,” explains Barton. “But you have to constantly watch that you don’t burn it, since it’s a lighter fabric. It will curl if you steam it too much.”

At Jefferson Cleaners in Holden, MA we may not get the outfits of the movie stars but we do know how to treat each and every customer with the red carpet treatment. You will be guaranteed the same high quality service but you will not find the highly inflated price. In fact, at Jefferson Dry Cleaning we give your clothes the same treatment as the stars. We might not be  driving a limo but we will be happy to pick up and drop off your dry cleaning.

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