You’re never fully dresssed without a smile

22/02/11 12:05 AM
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You're never fully dressed without a smile

Each day we welcome many customers at Belmont Cleaners location in Worcester and Jefferson Cleaner in Holden. One thing we try to do at both locations, a well as with our free pick up and drop off service, is always make certain that we our carrying a big smile. Aside from the fact that our customers find us to be friendly people it is our belief that having a smile is part of what a person should wear each day.

It is always amazing for us to see the variety in style of clothing that we  handle with care for our customers. For each outfit that we dry clean with pride at Jefferson Cleaners we make certain that as professionals, we are always dressed for the occasion. You may ask what occasion that may be? Is it a happy celebration  such as a family reunion?

We know that appearance matters to you and keeping up appearance is something that our staff  shares with you.One may wear the fanciest clothes or put on the most luxurious gown; however, every person must never forget the famous line from the musical Annie: “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

So whether you are picking up your clothes from our Worcester or Holden locations, or having your clothes delivered to your office or home, please remember that although our dry clean service will make you look your best in your fine clothes each day, there is just one more thing you must put on to be the best looking person in town. When the shirt is tucked in, or the blouse is sitting just right, or the necktie is sitting straight, remember to put on that smile!

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