Does the upcoming prom or wedding have you worried? Put our tailoring service to the test!

Monday, Mar. 7th 2011


We will make you look your best

We will make you look your best

Be the guest! Be the guest!
Get your worries off your chest
Let us tailor for your pleasure
We will make you look your best.
Try a hem! Try a tuck! When the body is a muck
We have a secret to make you thinner
Don’t believe me? Ask the mirror!
We sing and work! Dance and sing!
What an entertaining team!
How could anyone be gloomy and depressed?
We’ll make you shout ” I adore!”
And send your friends for more
So, you can be a glamorous guest!!

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The Red Carpet treatment without the Red Carpet price tag

Monday, Feb. 28th 2011
Oscar bill not at Jefferson dry cleaners

Our service is the same but not our prices

Everyone knows that no matter what party you are having, you always want to dress up for the occasion.  The special occasion today, February 27th, is no exception. Just like any other party the preparations have to begin early on.A good party might begin with checking your list of things to do to make certain everything will be perfect. However when part of your party involves showing off in front of a grand audience of the media, as with the Oscars, you want to be certain that your outfit will be dry-cleaned  and treated by the best. That’s right! Every person in the in Kodak theater tonight has dropped off their clothes at the dry cleaners.

In 2008 People magazine ran a story that covered the cost associated with cleaning some of the fancy gowns worn by the stars. Here is a sample from the article:
$700 MARION COTILLARD  The star’s Gaultier Paris gown is a dry cleaner’s nightmare, says Barton (who has been cleaning red carpet gowns since 1962) of J.B. French Dry Cleaners. “A train like that would take three people to steam, and it has to be cleaned inside out or you’ll flatten the ruffle on the outside.”

$550 Penélope Cruz The feather detailing on Cruz’s Chanel Haute Couture gown makes it nearly impossible to clean, says Barton. “We’d have to hand steam each feather and shake it so it stands up. I wouldn’t clean her dress. I don’t think anyone would.”

$500 KERI RUSSELL  Despite the Nina Ricci gown’s relatively simple cut, the silk taffeta material must be cleaned carefully. “Too much steam can leave a blotch,” says Barton.

$375 KATHERINE HEIGL The chiffon on Heigl’s Escada gown is easier to clean than silk taffeta. “If you screw up, you can’t see it as easily,” explains Barton. “But you have to constantly watch that you don’t burn it, since it’s a lighter fabric. It will curl if you steam it too much.”

At Jefferson Cleaners in Holden, MA we may not get the outfits of the movie stars but we do know how to treat each and every customer with the red carpet treatment. You will be guaranteed the same high quality service but you will not find the highly inflated price. In fact, at Jefferson Dry Cleaning we give your clothes the same treatment as the stars. We might not be  driving a limo but we will be happy to pick up and drop off your dry cleaning.

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You’re never fully dresssed without a smile

Tuesday, Feb. 22nd 2011
smile Jefferson dry cleaners

You're never fully dressed without a smile

Each day we welcome many customers at Belmont Cleaners location in Worcester and Jefferson Cleaner in Holden. One thing we try to do at both locations, a well as with our free pick up and drop off service, is always make certain that we our carrying a big smile. Aside from the fact that our customers find us to be friendly people it is our belief that having a smile is part of what a person should wear each day.

It is always amazing for us to see the variety in style of clothing that we  handle with care for our customers. For each outfit that we dry clean with pride at Jefferson Cleaners we make certain that as professionals, we are always dressed for the occasion. You may ask what occasion that may be? Is it a happy celebration  such as a family reunion?

We know that appearance matters to you and keeping up appearance is something that our staff  shares with you.One may wear the fanciest clothes or put on the most luxurious gown; however, every person must never forget the famous line from the musical Annie: “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

So whether you are picking up your clothes from our Worcester or Holden locations, or having your clothes delivered to your office or home, please remember that although our dry clean service will make you look your best in your fine clothes each day, there is just one more thing you must put on to be the best looking person in town. When the shirt is tucked in, or the blouse is sitting just right, or the necktie is sitting straight, remember to put on that smile!

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Saving money on gas

Friday, Feb. 18th 2011

Saving you time and Money

Gas prices in Massachusetts  resumed their upward climb after a one-week respite, AAA Southern New England reported Monday.

The auto club’s Feb. 7 survey found in Massachusetts the average price of self-serve, unleaded regular , gasoline averaged $3.11, up by 1 cent from a week ago.

It doesn’t require much thinking to realize that an average trip ( back and forth) to drop off your laundry at the dry cleaners and another trip (back and forth) to pick up your laundry from dry cleaning can cost you a few dollars! Why not let Jefferson Dry Cleaning treat you to our professional pickup and delivery service at no extra charge. Jefferson Dry Cleaners in Holden and Belmont Dry cleaners in Worcester will go out of our way to pick up and drop off your item at either the home or business. It makes sense to do business with the free service from Jefferson Dry Cleaners. After all, don’t we all enjoy spending less money yet getting to quality service?

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An edge over the competition

Thursday, Feb. 17th 2011
Dress for success with Jefferson Dry Cleaners

Making you look your best is our job

It’s probably one of the most overused phrases in job hunting but also one of the most underutilized by job-seekers: dress for success. In job-hunting, first impressions are critical. Remember, you are marketing a product — yourself — to a potential employer, and the first thing the employer sees when greeting you is your attire; thus, you must make every effort to have the proper dress for the type of job you are seeking. Will dressing properly get you the job? Of course not, but it will give you a competitive edge and a positive first impression.

Should you be judged by what you wear? Perhaps not, but the reality is, of course, that you are judged. At Jefferson Cleaners it is our job to make certain that you are dressed for success and help you land your ideal job. When job hunting is your first priority you can be certain that Jefferson Dry Cleaning has you dressed for success.  At Jefferson Dry Cleaners we make it our top priority to deliver you service that is top notch. We want you to look sharp through clean attire. You know you can trust us and we value your trust.
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